Next aid transport from March 11-28, 2024

In March, we start with the 28th aid transport (truck no. 41 and 42) to Vinnytsia / Central Ukraine. It will be the 15th personally accompanied transport since the beginning of the war in 2/2022.

Our press release from 2/24/2014 (only german):

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Interim balance sheet 3 / 2022 – 12 / 2023

Between March 2022 and December 2023, we were able to carry out 28 aid transports with a total of 38 trucks (equivalent to around 680 tons). These transports had a “goods value” of over 2.5 million euros.

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1,500 Christmas parcels are stuck

A new aid delivery for the people in Ukraine is due to arrive from Lüneburg at Christmas. However, Ukrainian trucks cannot cross the Polish-Ukrainian border. A load for 3 trucks cannot be transported in this way.

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24th aid transport in December

Between December 7 and 22, 2023, new aid transports are planned to Vinnytsia / Central Ukraine, the combat zones Kramatorsk / Bakhmut / Kherson and Kharkiv. our press-release from 12. november (only in german)

Report from the 23rd aid transport

Between October 8 and 15, 2023, our 23rd aid transport was carried out with 3 trucks to Ukraine. We transported food, medical equipment and building materials to Vinnytsia and the Kharkiv region. read the whole report (only in german):

Report from the 19th, 20th and 21st aid transport

Once again, our presence on the ground proved to be important. The outcome of our work depends on personal contact and knowledge of the current situation and current needs. As the situation changes on a daily basis, a rapid response through constant contact and exchange is necessary for effective aid. We have also successfully implemented … Read more

Until the end of 2023: “Stiftunglife” doubles donation

Every donation made to the account of our cooperation partner “Stiftunglife” from Celle will be doubled and the total amount forwarded to us! Please transfer the donation amount to: IBAN: DE35 2695 1311 0000 3020 00BIC: NOLADE21GFWSparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg Intended use (important!): Lüneburger Hilfsprojekt Ukraine

“You can’t suppress that”

The Landeszeitung Lüneburg writes on the occasion of the 17th aid transport on July 28, 2023: Bleckede doctor Ralf-Peter Oelsner has once again brought relief supplies to Ukraine. He not only visited the flood area, but was also on the front line near Bachmut. His accounts are depressing. Ralf-Peter Oelsner has been back from Ukraine … Read more