In many regions, the care of many refugees in the country and war-related injured people is no longer guaranteed by the local supply of medicines and medical supplies.

Concept for medical support and care in the Ukraine

During the Balkan wars in the 90s after the Chernobyl disaster, we developed a support concept to ensure needs-based and effective help for refugee care in the affected regions.

The concept of the “Lüneburger Hilfs-Projekt für die Ukraine e.V.” association, which is managed by Dr Ralf-Peter Oelsner, aims to identify hospitals in need of support in Ukrainian regions and to identify and procure the required medication, bandages, anaesthesia, medical devices and means of child care.

For this cooperation, hospitals in our region are to engage in a partnership with one hospital each in the Ukraine to ensure consistent aid. Corresponding departments on both ends must be included in necessary measures and actions.

The aid projects are usually prepared and carried out by the organizations founder himself, Dr Ralf-Peter Oelsner.

To this end, he uses his years of experience and local contacts from several prior aid projects with hospitals and schools.

Because of that the aid projects are highly efficient and put the donation funds to good use.

The following criteria have been proven to be essential and therefore are continuously developed:

  • The contact persons in the foreign hospitals must be known personally
  • There has to be a constant communication exchange about the current requirements
  • The correct use of aid supplies must be verifiable
  • The transport route must be secure and if need be arranged with local civil and military authorities.
  • All involved support groups must be regularly informed about the progress of planned and executed actions.
  • All actions should be accompanied by the media as long as it is beneficial to deliver current information and transparency to the public via press and television.

The project is to be accompanied by the press and television in order to provide up-to-date information and create transparency for a broader public.

The registered association LHU vouches for a reliable use of the delivered supplies. The association reports back about aid projects on a regular basis.

Due to the plausibility and transparency of our concepts and through their conscious implementation, the support of our project has been continuously growing.