Through commitment and competence, helpfulness and assistance find each other in a need-based and effective form.


Donation account

Lüneburger Hilfsprojekt Ukraine e.V.
Sparkasse Lüneburg

DE02 2405 0110 0065 8744 14


Donations in kind

These relief supplies are urgently needed:

  • Baby food
  • Milk powder
  • all long-life foods, e.g. pasta, rice, flour
  • Children’s shoes
  • Hygiene articles of all kinds
  • new or used clothes for adults

We do not accept these goods:

  • foodstuffs requiring refrigeration
  • expired foodstuffs
  • Medicines
  • Soiled or damaged clothing


Who can provide the following contacts to:

  • Food producers
  • Manufacturers of dressing materials
  • Manufacturers of hygiene products
  • potential sponsors?

Anyone who would like to help can contact: .

With thanks to the supporters so far and the hope for more helpers!