Many thanks to all sponsors and the hope for more supporters and helpers!

Our sponsors

Financia support

Aktions-Bündnis Ukraine-Hilfe

The Aktions-Bündnis Ukraine-Hilfe in Bleckede has actively supported our actions financially from the beginning.

Thanks to this help, we have so far been able to launch 4 aid transports for refugee centres and hospitals in Winnyzja/Central Ukraine.

At the request of the Action Alliance, the focus of the funding was placed on supporting the traumatology departments of the hospitals for the care of seriously injured refugees. Due to the daily increase in the number of injured and the virtual collapse in the supply of medicines, anaesthesia, bandages, etc., the hospitals are in urgent need of external support.

With the materials we procured for modern wound care and medicines, we were able to provide valuable support in the care of this group of patients, who were particularly affected by the war, and helped to save many lives.

Many thanks for the valuable and uncomplicated support.

Organisational support

Stiftung Hof Schlüter

We would like to thank Andre Novotny from the foundation “Hof Schlüter” and Walter Beck for their continuous support in organising the trucks for the transport and for the possibilities to load and temporarily store relief goods on the farm until they are transported away.

Without your help, our work would not be possible in the current dimension. Many thanks.


FIPPS Lüneburg

The management of the toy shop FIPS in Lüneburg has kindly agreed to support our aid projects in Winnyzja.

They are planning to send toys, hand puppets, cuddly toys etc. to the refugee centres and the children’s hospital in Vinnytsia. We will assess the respective needs there.

Due to the high level of trauma, especially for children, caused by flight and partial separation from their families, there is a great need here. Many thanks in advance for this valuable support.

Outdoor equipment

Trekking König Lüneburg

The König brothers from Trekking König Lüneburg have kindly supported us in the procurement of camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, insulated mats, cookware, etc.) for 50 refugee children with a generous discount. In this way, we are helping to realise a summer camp planned by a refugee centre in Vinnytsia. Due to the high traumatisation of the refugee children, we consider this idea particularly important and worthy of support. Thank you very much for helping us to help.”

Graphic design


We would like to thank Sabrina Peters and her company textda for designing the association’s logo, stationery, donation receipts and other office outfits. This gives us an unmistakable visual presence and makes us recognisable.

The association logo on our emergency vehicle works better than any business card and as soon as I arrive in Vinnytsia, for example, the whole city quickly knows that we are back to help. Our heartfelt thanks for this.


WebWork B. Bodendorf

We would like to thank Beate Bodendorf from Bleckede for the design and constant updating of our website.

This way, we are always present and visible with our relief activities and can keep interested people and supporters up to date. With the internet presence we thus create a bridge between people in need and people who are willing to help and support our work. Thank you very much for your media support and help.


We would like to thank the student Timo Bodendorf from Bleckede for translating the contents into English.